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We appreciate your business and ask that all users abide by these rules of the chat. When Online we expect each person to hold themselves accountable for their actions. We will not tolerate harrassment of any kind. We will not tolerate sexual advances, selling of sex, pronograpy, or sell of illegal drugs. All participants must be at least 18  years of age. We will not tolerate screen recordings, video recordings, or cell phone recordings while in live chat room. In this case, we, will monitor and record sessions for security reasons. You  acknowledge that you agree to these terms before use.  If any of these rules are broken, we will have a right to persue legal action:  You as the user are responsible for your own actions. will not be held accountable for your decisions or topics you share in the chat. Once we recieve your request, you will recieve a link to join recorded stream. If  in another call, you will be seated in waiting room until your online. This could take up to 10 minutes and does not count against your paid time: If you do not see Renae online in a ten minute time frame, you will be kicked out and refunded immediately. However, if you fail to show up for your stream we will not refund purchase. We value everyones time so please make sure to hold appointments. 

Chat Hours 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10AM - 12PM - 
6PM - 9PM